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What is inspirational curriculum leadership and why does it matter?

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your guide to key areas of your role as curriculum/T&L leader


Learn from this issue of Lead&Learn how to become a better leader – from auditing your core skills and taking feedback from your staff through to knowing how best to lead in different scenarios, and how to handle varied leadership situations.

Staff development

Learn from this issue of Lead&Learn how to ensure your staff are inspired, motivated and equipped to create the best T&L for your students. From capitalising on their individual strengths and helping them to improve on their weaknesses, through to providing the best professional development programme for your school, and using performance management, coaching and feedback as an improvement tool.

Remote learning

Learn from this issue of Lead&Learn how to create the best remote learning programme for your school. From mapping your curriculum, and adapting T&L to this new format, through to securing the best approach to assessment, and ensuring staff, pupils and parents are all engaging well with this new style of learning. Apply what you’ve learned from this experience to improve your whole-school curriculum and T&L approach going forward.

T&L in practice

Does your whole-school approach to T&L allow students to build and apply core learning skills across the curriculum? From use of learn-to-learn skills and questioning for learning, through to developing quality thinking skills and the ability to reflect on learning – this issue of Lead&Learn helps you to improve on these core aspects of cross-curricular T&L.

Engaging Parents

Learn from this issue of Lead&Learn how to ensure your school is making full and best use of parents/guardians to the benefit of all. This includes creating a welcoming environment for parents, involving the hard to reach, using their expertise to enhance your curriculum, and ensuring their involvement as planned for in all teaching and learning.

Curriculum issues

Use this issue of Lead&Learn to plan more coherent, comprehensive and consistent implementation of these core areas of your overall curriculum management: your curriculum framework and pathways; managing curriculum change; creating the best CEIAG provision for your students; securing successful transitions.


Are you achieving successful use of ICT in classrooms across your whole school? This issue of Lead&Learn looks at how. From knowing exactly how ICT is being used in each subject area, so that from there you can plan improvements, through to ensuring all staff have the required skills, confidence and competence levels, as well as resources, to use ICT well to enrich learning.

Social and emotional learning

Are all your staff skilled at achieving effective social and emotional learning for all? Use this issue of Lead&Learn to discover how. This includes ensuring that all staff take account in their T&L planning of the influence of the emotions, give students chance to develop their emotional literacy skills, and use T&L strategies that boost their emotional wellbeing and create a positive environment for learning.

Student needs

Does your school secure quality T&L for students with varying needs? This issue of Lead&Learn looks at your role in achieving this: from how best to identify and then provide for the most able, to how to secure effective provision for SEND pupils; from how to make best use of the pupil premium to improve attainment of disadvantaged students, to how to tackle underachievement.

Literacy and numeracy

Have you successfully mapped literacy and numeracy (L&N) skills across your curriculum to develop these core building blocks for learning in all pupils? This issue of Lead&Learn explores how to achieve this – from having the right policy in place that is applied well in all subject areas, through to knowing how best to evaluate your L&N coverage to identify areas for improvement.

T&L management

Use this issue of Lead&Learn to take a fresh look at how to ensure T&L is being managed well in classrooms across your school so that quality learning experiences are a given in all subject areas. From securing the best assessment approach for your school with staff skilled at using this to help all students progress well, through to inspiring creative learning environments for all and ensuring quality groupwork is achieved across departments.

Whole-school improvement

Your role involves constantly improving on whole-school T&L so as to raise achievement for all learners. This issue of Lead&Learn explores how: from achieving a whole-school culture for improvement, through to using data analysis to identify areas for improvements; from securing positive behaviour for learning through to linking with and learning from colleagues in other schools and beyond.

T&L planning

Are all your staff skilled at planning T&L experiences that engage and excite learners, ensure deep learning and involve them as learning partners? Do they plan effective use of teaching assistants? Does your homework policy secure effective use of this powerful learning tool by all? Use this issue of Lead&Learn to help ensure quality T&L is being planned for well across all departments.

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