Given recent news, a return to more wholesale remote learning could be brought in sooner than we think. Are you ready for this? Use our free planning tool to find out



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Call for school closure


As government announced mass testing of secondary school pupils in the south-east, the NAHT and ASCL asked why are they not closing schools instead?

‘We have to question why the plan is to mass test children, and there is apparently no consideration of moving to remote learning,’ said ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton. ‘If there is an immediate concern over infection rates, can we really afford the delay involved in rolling out mass testing and obtaining results?’

‘This is clearly a very serious new development, and the government’s first priority must be the safety of those involved,’ said NAHT General Secretary Paul Whiteman. ‘A very short-term period of home learning while test results are obtained would ensure further transmission does not occur in schools amongst the most affected group.’



Getting ready


Some schools have made plans to close for a day to carry out teaching and learning (T&L) remotely for testing purposes. The aim is to check their systems and approaches to make sure all is working well for if a further period of full remote learning is required.



Is your school ready for this possibility?


It may be that you felt, like many schools, that you had to rush to put together a remote learning programme at bottle-neck speed back in March, when schools were first closed because of the pandemic. Then there was the scramble to get schools reopened again in June. Since then, what with the pressures of keeping schools operating safely during the pandemic, alongside all the other firefighting issues curriculum leaders face on a daily basis, it’s hard to see how you would find time for forward planning.

But it is well worth trying to make some time for this right now. Our planning tool aims to help you with this – to save you time by giving you key questions to answer to identify which areas of your remote learning provision most need attention.

Use it to carry out a performance check of your progress in these nine key aspects of effective remote learning provision:

  • Taking the overview
  • Curriculum coverage
  • Structuring content
  • Planning T&L
  • Use of technology
  • Assessment
  • Supporting teachers
  • Pupil engagement
  • Parental engagement


Complete this planning tool to identify which areas of your remote learning programme need prioritising next.



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Here are just a few of the many questions included in our tool:

  • What mechanisms have you in place to assess what needs to be prioritised within T&L in the coming weeks?
  • Are all pupils equipped to use online devices for their home learning?
  • Do you need to improve your systems for identifying and then supporting pupils who are struggling, and if so how?
  • Are your systems for minimising staff workload, and providing them with appropriate support, enough to reduce their stress levels and boost their wellbeing?


Download now to do a performance check of your current remote learning provision.

Where next?


To go into more detail, and analyse each of the nine key areas forensically, use our professional development resource Lead&Learn: Remote learning.

This book allows you to explore more comprehensively how to create the best remote learning programme for your school.

Learn from the advice and examples of good practice in the knowledge articles, then complete the planning tools to identify exactly what changes to prioritise going forward, and how to bring about improvements.





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