Quality CPD entitlement ‘affordable’


Providing all teachers with at least 35 hours of quality CPD per year would cost less than 1% of the government’s total school expenditure, found a new report from the Education Policy Institute (EPI).

This entitlement to CPD is ‘achievable’, said the report’s author James Zuccollo.


Improving quality

Schools currently spend on average £3K per teacher, said the report commissioned by the Wellcome Trust. To achieve a 35-hour entitlement would cost another £500 per teacher.

If this entitlement policy were to be implemented ‘policymakers should focus their attention not only on increasing CPD spending to fund the entitlement but also on improving the quality of CPD teachers participate in’, concluded the report.


‘Won’t break bank’

Commenting on the findings, ASCL Deputy Director of Policy Sarah Ford said: ‘The EPI report demonstrates that the government could invest in staff without breaking the bank and prompt significant benefits in terms of pupil attainment, whilst boosting earnings and encouraging more staff to stay in education.’



Colleges unhappy with post-16 qualification cull


Post-16 level three qualifications are to be changed following consultation by government.

Qualifications, such as some BTECs, could be saved if they can show there is a real need for them, said the report.

‘Poor quality’ qualifications that duplicate or overlap with existing two levels and A-levels will be scrapped.

‘As we recover from the pandemic, there can be no room in our education system for second rate qualifications,’ said education secretary Gavin Williamson.

But the Sixth Form Colleges Association was not happy with the cull. Axing the majority of applied qualifications like BTECs will be ‘hugely damaging to the prospects and life chances of  young people’, it said. ‘For many young people, studying a BTEC qualification will be a much more effective route to higher education or skilled employment.’ Closing down this pathway will leave many students without a viable route post-16.



Exam fees to be reimbursed

Schools will be reimbursed for autumn exams and for appeal fees for students unhappy with teacher-assessed grades, confirmed the DfE. But it will not pay for admin fees charged by an exam board.


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