ABC             –       antecedents, behaviours, consequences

ADD             –       attention deficit disorder

ADHD          –       attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

AfL               –       assessment for learning

ALIS             –       A-Level Information System

AOB             –       any other business

APP              –       assessing pupil progress

APS              –       average point score

AQA             –       Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

ASBO           –       anti-social behaviour orders

ASCL            –       Association of School and College Leaders

ASD              –       autistic spectrum disorders

ASDAN         –      Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network

AST               –      advanced skills teacher

ATL               –      Association of Teachers and Lecturers

BACP            –      British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

BfL                –      behaviour for learning

BICS             –       basic interpersonal communication skills

BLP              –       Building Learning Power

BTEC            –       Business and Technology Education Council

CA                –       cognitive acceleration

CACHE         –       Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education

CAD             –       computer-aided design

CAF              –       common assessment framework

CALP           –      cognitive academic language proficiency

CAME          –      cognitive acceleration in maths

CAMHS       –       Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

CASE           –       cognitive acceleration in science

CASEL         –       Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

CASK           –       concepts, attitudes, skills and knowledge

CAT              –       cognitive ability test

CBI               –       Confederation of British Industry

CBT              –       cognitive behavioural therapy

CCEA           –       Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment

CCTV           –       closed-circuit television

CEGNET      –       Careers Education and Guidance Network

CEIAG          –       careers education, information, advice and guidance

CEM             –       Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring

CFF              –       Classroom of the Future Foundation

CfL               –       Connections for Learning

CIDA             –      certificate in digital applications

CILIP            –       Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

CLAIT           –       Computer Literacy And Information Technology

CofE             –       Church of England

COPE           –       certificate of personal effectiveness

COVE           –       centre of vocational excellence

CPD              –       continuing professional development

CRB              –       Criminal Records Bureau

CTC              –       city technology college

CTL              –       curriculum team leader

CUREE        –       Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education

CV                –       curriculum vitae

CVA              –       contextual value added

D&T              –       design and technology

DART           –       directed activities related to text

DCD             –       dyspraxia/developmental coordination difficulties

DCSF           –       Department for Children, Schools and Families

DEE              –       Department for Education and Employment

DES              –       Department for Education and Science

DfBIS            –       Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

DfE               –       Department for Education

DfEE             –       Department for Employment and Education

DfES             –       Department for Education and Skills

DH                –       deputy headteacher

DIDA             –       diploma in digital applications

DISS             –       Deployment and Impact of School Support Staff

DMS             –       data management system

Ebacc           –       English baccalaureate

E2L               –       English as a second language

EAL              –       English-as-an-additional-language

EBD              –       emotional or behavioural disorder

EBI               –       even better if

EBP              –       Education Business Partnership

ECHA           –       European Council for High Ability

ECM             –       Every Child Matters

EFT              –       emotional freedom technique

EI                  –       emotional intelligence

EIT                –       early intervention teams

EL                 –       entry level

ELLI              –       Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory

ELSA            –       emotional literacy support assistant

EPQ              –       Extended Project Qualification

ESOL            –       English for Speakers of Other Languages

ESRC           –       Economic and Social Research Council

ESSA            –       English Secondary Students’ Association

EWO             –       education welfare officer

FAQ              –       frequently asked question

FE                 –       further education

FEIPS           –       Framework for Enhanced Individual Pastoral Support

FFT               –       Fischer Family Trust

FSM              –       free school meals

FTE              –       full-time equivalents

G&T              –       gifted and talented

GB                –       governing body

GCE             –       General Certificate of Education

GCSE           –       General Certificate of Secondary Education

GNVQ           –       General National Vocational Qualification

GROW          –       goal, reality, options, will

GTCE           –       General Teaching Council for England

GTP              –       graduate teacher programme

HE                –       higher education

HEFCE         –       Higher Education Funding Council for England

HLTA            –       higher level teaching assistant

HMI               –       Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools

HMIE            –       Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (Scotland)

HoD              –       head of department

HoY              –       head of year

IAG               –       information, advice and guidance

IB                  –       International Baccalaureate

ICT               –       information and communications technology

IEP               –       individual education plan

iGCSE          –       international GCSE

IiP                 –       Investors in People

ILP                –       individual learning plan

ILT                –       information and learning technologies

Inset             –       inservice training

IoE                –       Institute of Education

IQ                 –       intelligence quotient

IQS               –       Institutional Quality Standard

ISI                 –       Independent Schools Inspectorate

ITE                –       initial teacher education

ITT                –       initial teacher training

IWB              –       interactive whiteboard

JISC             –       Joint Information Systems Committee

KS                –       key stage

KTP              –       knowledge transfer partnership

KWL             –       know/want to know/learned

L&N              –       literacy and numeracy

L&NS            –       literacy and numeracy skills

L2L               –       learning to learn

LA                 –       local authority

LAC              –       looked after children

LEA              –       local education authority

LftM              –       Leading from the Middle

LiL                –       leading in learning

LMI               –       labour market information

LMT              –       leadership and management team

LOtC             –       learning outside the classroom

LRC              –       learning resource centre

LRCA            –       learning resource centre assistant

LSA              –       learning support assistant

LSDA            –       Learning and Skills Development Agency

LSIS             –       Learning and Skills Improvement Service

LSRI             –       Learning Sciences Research Institute

LSU              –       learning support unit

MA                –       most able

MEd              –       Master of Education

MER             –       monitoring, evaluation and review

MFL              –       modern foreign languages

MIDYIS         –       Middle Years Information System

MIS               –       management information system

MLD              –       moderate learning difficulties

MLE              –       managed learning environment

MYP             –       middle years programme

NACE           –       National Association for Able Children in Education

NAGC           –       National Association for Gifted Children

NAHT           –       National Association of Headteachers

NATT            –       National Association of Teachers for Travellers

NC                –       national curriculum

NCCA           –       National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

NCER           –       National Consortium for Examination Results

NCS              –       National Careers Service

NCSL            –       National College for School Leadership

NEET            –       not in education, employment or training

NESTA         –       National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts

NFER           –       National Foundation for Educational Research

NIACE          –       National Institute of Continuing Education

NLC              –       Networked Learning Communities

NLP              –       neuro-linguistic programming

NOS             –       National Occupational Standards

NPQH           –       National Professional Qualification for Headship

NQT              –       newly qualified teacher

NVQ             –       National Vocational Qualification

OCR             –       Oxford, Cambridge and RSA

OECD           _       Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Ofsted           –       Office for Standards in Education

OM               –       Opening Minds

P4C              –       Philosophy for Children

PASS            –       Pupil Attitude to Self and School

PATHS         –       Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies

PB                –       personal best

PBA              –       performance-based assessment

PBAS            –       Pupil Behaviour Assessment System

PBL              –       project-based learning

PC                –       personalised curriculum

PD                –       professional development

PDP              –       professional development portfolio

PE                –       physical education

PEE              –       point, evidence, explanation

PEP              –       personal education plan

PFI                –       Private Finance Initiative

PGCE           –       postgraduate certificate in education

PIES             –       positive interdependence and individual accountability

PISA             –       Programme for International Student Assessment

PLASC         –       Pupil Level Annual School Census

PLC              –       professional learning community

PLTS            –       personal, learning and thinking skills

PM                –       performance management

PoS              –       programme of study

PP                –       pupil premium

PPM             –       pupil progress meeting

PRU              –       pupil referral unit

PSD              –       personal and social development qualification

PSHCE         –       personal, social, health and careers education

PSHE           –       personal, social and health education

PSHEE         –       personal, social, health and economic education

PSHME        –       personal, social, health and moral education

PSM             –       physical sensory and medical difficulties

PSP              –       pastoral support plan

PTA              –       parent-teacher association

Q&A              –      question and answer

QCF              –       Qualifications and Credit Framework

QESS           –       Quality in Extended School Services

QiSS             –       Quality in Study Support

QTLS            –       qualified teacher learning and skills

QTS              –       qualified teacher status

RA                –       reading age

RE                –       religious education

RLS              –       research lesson-study

RPI               –       relative performance indicator

RPP              –       reflective practitioner programme

RS                –       religious studies

RSA              –       Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

S4L               –       skills for learning

SAPERE      –       Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education

SAS              –       standard age score

SAT              –       standard assessment task

SDP              –       school development plan

SEAL            –       social and emotional aspects of learning

SEBD           –       social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

SEBS            –       social, emotional and behavioural skills

SED              –       Scottish Education Department

SEF              –       self-evaluation form

SEL              –       social and emotional learning

SEN              –       special educational needs

SENCO        –       special educational needs coordinator

SEND           –       special educational needs and disabilities

SER              –       self-evaluation report (Wales)

SES              –       socio-economic status

SI                  –       school improvement

SIG               –       school improvement group

SIMS            –       school information management system

SIP               –       school improvement partner

SLT               –       senior leadership team

SMART        –       specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, timebound

SMARTER   –       specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, timebound, evaluation, reward

SMSC           –       social, moral, spiritual and cultural

SMT              –       senior management team

SoW             –       scheme of work

SpLD            –       specific learning difficulties

SPRinG        –       Social Pedagogic Research into Groupwork

SRE              –       sex and relationships education

SSAT            –       Specialist Schools and Academies Trust

SSRC           –       Social Science Research Council

STA              –       senior teaching assistant

STEM           –       science, technology, engineering and mathematics

SWiS            –       support work in schools

SWOT          –       strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

T&L               –       teaching and learning

TA                 –       teaching assistant

TASC            –       thinking actively in a social context

TEACCH      –       Treatment and Education of Autism and related Communication-handicapped CHildren

TEEP            –       Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme

TES              –       Traveller Education Services

TfL                –       teaching for learning

TLA               –       Teacher Learning Academy

TLC              –       teacher learning community

TLR              –       teaching and learning responsibility

TLRP            –       Teaching and Learning Research Programme

TMG             –       target minimum grade

TPM              –       teacher performance management

TQM             –       total quality management

TSO              –       The Stationery Office

TSPC            –       thinking skills and personal capabilities

TTD              –       teacher training day

TVEI             –       technical vocational education initiative

UN                –       United Nations

VAK              –       visual, auditory and kinaesthetic

VLC              –       vocational learning centre

VLE              –       virtual learning environment

WALT           –       we are learning to …

WIIFM           –       what’s in it for me?

WILF             –       what I am looking for is …

WISC            –       Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

WRL             –       work-related learning

WSV             –       within-school variation

WWW           –       what went well

YELLIS         –       Year Eleven Information System

YOT              –       Youth Offending Team

YST              –       Youth Sport Trust

ZPD              –       zone of proximal development


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