Section 1: Visioning your new curriculum


Curriculum leaders will share a common aspiration for their curriculum: that it offers all their students the chance to access stimulating, motivating, engaging, challenging and lifechanging learning.

Find out how best to analyse where your curriculum is now so that you can begin to identify what changes to make next.



Section 1: Visioning your new curriculum

(From our toolkit: Leading your curriculum to inspire outstanding T&L)

As curriculum/T&L leader, you will want to ensure that  all your students have access to stimulating, motivating, engaging, challenging and lifechanging learning.

You will want your curriculum, and T&L within that, to give all students opportunities to be creative, think for themselves, go out of their comfort zone, develop skills and competences that they didn’t think possible, achieve, and in some way and to some extent reach beyond their expectations. However, the way curriculum leaders achieve this will vary greatly, depending on the particular needs of their students, the skills and expertise portfolio of their staff, the resources and teaching equipment and learning environments at their disposal.

Find out how best to analyse where your curriculum is now so that you can begin to identify what changes to make next.

To drive your changes forward you need a powerful curriculum vision, created collaboratively and owned by all staff.

When it comes to changing your curriculum model, there are so many variables to take into account. But your curriculum vision will give you your direction, allowing you to identify how best to make changes to your provision to meet your students’ specific needs. Discover how to set the curriculum vision for your school to provide the right steer. Guiding principles and the best structural framework behind your curriculum will then help you to drive your vision forward to enact the required changes where they count most: in the T&L your students experience in classrooms across your school.

So use the advice and tools throughout this section of the toolkit to:

➤ carry out a comprehensive curriculum checkup
➤ take account of the views of different stakeholders
➤ create or redefine the vision for your curriculum so that it provides an accurate and appropriate driver of the overall changes you need to make next
➤ identify the guiding principles that will help drive your new vision forwards
➤ select the best type of structure that will allow you to frame how you will deliver this new curriculum
➤ know what level of changes to make and when to implement them
➤ set appropriate targets to evaluate the impact of your new curriculum.


Use this resource to take a comprehensive overview of where you are at with your curriculum and whole-school T&L so that from there you can decide on what changes to make next to recraft your whole-school curriculum so that it better suits the needs of all your students.


Also includes:

➤ PDF of practical tools
➤ Introductory section setting out whole framework for becoming an inspirational curriculum leader including cycle of improvement, what inspirational looks like in your core responsibilities, and how to gain inspiration from others


Practical tools

  • Assessing existing practice – good and bad
  • Understanding data: questions to aid analysis
  • Getting a feel for your vision
  • Deciding on core curriculum aims
  • Prioritising your curriculum aims
  • Identifying expected outcomes of curriculum change
  • Principles driving your curriculum
  • Recording your new aims and principles
  • Developing your skills-based curriculum
  • Action for change: progress by departments
  • Implementing new curriculum vision
  • Questionnaire to identify priorities for curriculum change
  • Assessing your targetsetting systems
  • Is my curriculum model ready to prepare for implementation?
  • Case studies and examples throughout illustrate how to put this all into practice


Examples of practical resources and development activities:

  • Cycle of creating curriculum change
  • Questions to ask of stakeholders
  • Developing new curriculum vision
  • Ensuring right pathways
  • Putting curriculum vision at heart of all practice

– Format: ebook
– Pages: 54 A4
– Author: Angela Dewsbury, Publisher, Inspiration in Education
– ISBN: 978-1-913503-02-4
– Also includes an additional 19pp ebook of all the tools in an expanded and easy-to-use format
– Publication date: 2020


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