Section 5: Evaluating progress


As curriculum leader, it is your role to take the overview and to assess how well the curriculum and T&L is providing for your school’s specific needs, both in its structure and its execution by staff.

To do this, you need a focused evaluation system in place so that you can properly assess what impact your revised curriculum and new T&L approaches are having on whole-school practice and performance. The tools and advice in this resource aim to help you make these crucial evaluations so that you can then identify what future changes are needed to achieve even greater improvements.



Section 5: Evaluating progress

(From our toolkit: Leading your curriculum to inspire outstanding T&L)


As with many things in school life, it is of limited use putting new systems and changes into place if you don’t then measure their effectiveness, secure accountability for putting them into practice, and assess results at every level – from impact on the staff, and whole school, as well as on the students.

So once you have your revised curriculum and T&L approaches up and running, you then need to evaluate if these changes are bringing about the desired improvements.

This is not just about evaluating progress data on pupil achievement, but goes far wider than that to take account of staff performance, classroom practice, and teacher and student feedback on the new approaches being used. It includes working with your staff so that together you effectively assess their T&L practice.

The tools and advice in this resource aim to show you how best to:

➤ lead and take accountability for your new curriculum
➤ use a range of approaches to unpick practice and assess progress, including:

    • revisiting your original targets
    • acting on classroom observations
    • understanding and making best use of performance data
    • making use of national frameworks
    • comparing outcomes among different staff
    • gaining staff feedback
    • finding out what students think

➤ examine all your results to make an accurate and appropriate assessment of the overall impact the changes to your curriculum have had.


Use this resource to evaluate the impact of your new curriculum – from its fitness for purpose through to its execution by staff – so you can be clear about what level and type of changes you need to think about next as you make ongoing improvements to your provision.


Also includes:

➤ PDF of practical tools

➤ Introductory section setting out whole framework for becoming an inspirational curriculum leader – including cycle of improvement, what inspirational looks like in your core responsibilities, and how to gain inspiration from others


Practical tools

  • Sample observation checklist
  • Performance management cycle
  • Using teacher standards
  • Benchmarks for T&L planning
  • Securing credible data
  • Using data in practice
  • Assessing impact of new curriculum
  • Polling views on curriculum change
  • Priorities for action on evaluating T&L and curriculum


Examples of practical resources and development activities:

  • Benefits of being observed
  • Post-observation discussion
  • Gaining pupil feedback: sample questionnaire


– Format: ebook
– Pages: 42 A4
– Author: Angela Dewsbury, Publisher, Inspiration in Education
– ISBN: 978-1-913503-10-9
– Also includes an additional 19pp ebook of all the tools in an expanded and easy-to-use format
– Publication date: 2020


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