Section 6: Becoming an even better leader


Your role as curriculum leader is wideranging, requiring an array of leadership skills if you are to achieve ongoing inspirational practice. Across every aspect of your multi-faceted role, your ability to lead well is crucial to your success.

Ongoing success relies on you constantly looking for ways to improve on your existing leadership skills and style, making best use of your strengths and working on overcoming your weaknesses.

This resource helps you to assess your current leadership capacity and from there plan action to develop as a leader, so that you become confident and competent at managing the changes ahead and planning for an even better future for your school.



Section 6: Becoming an even better leader

(From our toolkit: Leading your curriculum to inspire outstanding T&L)


To sustain inspirational curriculum leadership, you need to constantly review, refine and redevelop your skills set, leadership style and approaches. Only then can you ensure a first-class curriculum is being enacted via outstanding T&L in classrooms across your school.

This section of our toolkit looks at how to improve your own capacity as an inspirational curriculum leader, and how to use that to effect real change in whole-school practice. As such, it brings together all your work on developing a quality curriculum vision, effective T&L strategies, and staff competent and confident to put this into practice in the classroom.

Access information and development tools that will improve your understanding and development of:

➤ the core skills of inspirational curriculum leaders

➤ your leadership style

➤ your listening and communication skills

➤ how to assess your current leadership competence and identify which areas to develop next

➤ managing change

➤ how to make improvements for the future.


Achieving ongoing improvements to your curriculum and whole-school T&L requires you as curriculum/T&L leader to set yourself challenging goals and to be prepared to take risks and move out of your comfort zone to achieve your targets. Use this resource to help you achieve such leadership – and plan your development path for the future.


Also includes:

  PDF of practical tools

➤ Introductory section setting out whole framework for becoming an inspirational curriculum leader – including cycle of improvement, what inspirational looks like in your core responsibilities, and how to gain inspiration from others


Practical tools

  • Assessing your use of leadership styles
  • Identifying your preferred leadership style
  • Evaluating your communication skills
  • Assessing your leadership skills
  • Identifying and achieving your next career goal
  • Understanding what change is about
  • Gaining staff views on planned changes
  • Developing for your future


Examples of practical resources and development activities:

  • Skills of inspirational leadership
  • Understanding different leadership styles
  • Qualities of good communicators
  • Managing change: attitudes for success


– Format: ebook
– Pages: 40 A4
– Author: Angela Dewsbury, Publisher, Inspiration in Education
– ISBN: 978-1-913503-12-3
– Also includes an additional 19pp ebook of all the tools in an expanded and easy-to-use format
– Publication date: 2020


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