We have two key types of resources for you to buy:


Our Lead&Learn series allows you to hone in on a range of core areas of your role as curriculum/T&L leader. Each issue provides articles with expert advice and insights to help you to explore in new ways the central issues within that specific area of curriculum/T&L leadership. Each issue also includes practical tools you can use to identify, plan and then implement changes in managing your own practice in that area of your curriculum and T&L approach. By so doing, you will bring improvements across your whole school.

Curriculum Leader

Our Curriculum Leader series provides you with an opportunity to drill down into your role to explore in more depth and uncover more effective ways of handling that core aspect of curriculum/T&L leadership. We start with offering you chance to purchase a Toolkit that takes you through the complete cycle of your role of achieving a curriculum and T&L approach that is best for your students, staff and school. This gives you the expert advice, and practical tools, to put this curriculum into practice at all levels – from how you implement your curriculum vision, and ensure all staff are enacting it in their classrooms, through to how you ensure all staff are applying the T&L strategies within your curriculum vision to the benefit of all pupils, and how you lead and inspire staff at all levels to achieve this.

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