Leading your curriculum to inspire outstanding T&L

What is inspirational curriculum leadership and why does it matter? How can you go about becoming an inspirational leader of your school’s curriculum and teaching and learning (T&L) approach?

This toolkit sets out to reveal the answer to these important questions. Starting from a shared understanding of what inspirational leadership is and why it is needed in your role as curriculum/T&L leader, the toolkit provides a framework through which each separate section then explores the key areas where inspirational leadership in your job is sited and can be achieved by you in practice.

Curriculum Leader Toolkit

Leading your curriculum to inspire outstanding T&L aims to help you with your taking stock, and in your revisiting, so that:

  • your curriculum vision is pertinent and in tune with your school’s current situation
  • your T&L is as innovative and relevant as possible for your students’ needs right now
  • you are taking care of your current staff’s issues and development needs
  • you are on the ball with your own leadership progress to develop your own career and professional skills too.

In short, that you are inspiring in all areas of your role, helping all around you to achieve their best.

Find out how to:

➤ put in place the best curriculum vision for your school and from there plan how to best put it into practice

  carry out key evaluations of how your curriculum is working and analyse the results so that you know how to make improvements to create an even better curriculum experience for your school

➤ build good practice among your team so all staff are playing their part in enacting the curriculum vision in their classrooms

➤ ensure all staff are planning for quality learning and know how to implement your core T&L strategies to the benefit of their individual pupils

➤ feed and develop your own leadership abilities.

Improving your Curriculum Teaching and Learning

Use this toolkit as a comprehensive guide to get to grips with all aspects of crafting a first-class curriculum and T&L experience for your students.

Use the development tools and advice contained throughout to take a close and objective look at your own curriculum structure, and enactment of this via your leadership of T&L. By following this approach, you will know what is working well and where improvements are needed, and what you need to do to achieve these changes in practice.

Inspirational leadership needs to be organic, forever growing and developing, evolving and refining, if it is to continue to be inspirational

Discover more about how best to collaborate, corroborate, and communicate with staff at all levels, as well as students, about the T&L that is going on now, so that you achieve the best curriculum model for your school.

Make this change process exciting and inspiring for others, so that together with your teaching teams you find better ways to give your students a richer, wider and deeper learning experience in all subject areas.


Learn more about key approaches to practice that allow inspirational T&L to thrive, including how to plan for innovative and engaging learning in all classrooms.

Curriculum Leader Toolkit Sample Page
Curriculum Toolkit Sample Resource

Whether you approach this a section at a time, or dip in and out using some of the tools and guidance at key points in your own curriculum development, Leading your curriculum to inspire outstanding T&L aims to give you the information you need to make the best choices for where to take your curriculum and T&L next and know how to implement this well in practice.

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