• Do you know what makes a good leader?
  • Are you clear on your leadership strengths and weaknesses and know how to go about improving these?

Learn from this guide how to become a better leader – from auditing your core skills and taking feedback from your staff. through to knowing how best to lead in different scenarios, and how to handle varied leadership situations

Whether you are looking to make some minor improvements or carry out a radical overhaul of your approach to leadership, then this guide is here to help.

Covering three facets of leadership: improvement, skills, and style  learn from the articles, and make use of the tools, provided in each of these three sections to identify, plan and put in place the changes required to take your leadership to the next level.


… offering you practical advice, guidance, and expert insight to show you new and effective ways to improve how you lead your team to achieve a more successful curriculum and even better T&L in all classrooms


… to give your leadership an MOT to prioritise key areas to improve – and to then plan action to achieve these changes in practice



What makes a good leader? Key areas of leadership practice

Improving your leadership skills Give your leadership approach and skills an MOT

Gaining feedback from staff on your leadership Tool to provide feedback form pertinent for your needs

Assessing how well you lead in different scenarios Activity to evaluate how well you work in different styles of leadership situations


Delegate, delegate: when and how to delegate Core issues to get right to be a successful delegator

Auditing your core skills: becoming a better leader Assess your leadership ability to prioritise areas for improvement


Leading for success: knowing your style How to better understand your own leadership style

Enhancing your leadership style: learning from others Tools to best develop your own style

Improving how you handle different formats of leadership Investigate how you manage key leadership activities

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Publisher: Inspiration in Education, 2020


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