Remote learning

  • Have you got the best remote learning programme in place for your school?
  • Do you know how to ensure it is accessible, motivating and challenging for all pupils, and makes optimal use of the skills and expertise of your staff?
  • Have you made full use of all the tech tools available to help teachers plan remote T&L well to provide an exciting learning experience for pupils?

Learn how to shape your remote learning provision to achieve the best T&L experience for your pupils in this new learning environment – from mapping your curriculum, and adapting T&L to this new format, through to securing the best approach to assessment, and ensuring staff, pupils and parents are all engaging well with this new style of learning. It will also help you draw out lessons from this experience to make changes for the better to your whole-school curriculum and T&L approach going forward. Use this comprehensive professional development resource to thoroughly evaluate your current approach to remote learning, so you can then identify and plan improvements in every area.

Planning Remote Learning
Covering three key facets of remote learning – core issuesT&L, and securing engagement  learn from the articles and then make use of the planning tools to identify, prepare and put in place the changes required to create the best remote learning provision for your school.


… offering you practical advice, guidance, and expert insight to show you new and effective ways to improve your remote learning programme so you have mapped your curriculum content well, and then ensured staff have the tools and skills to create first-class remote T&L that engages and motivates all pupils, with their parents on board to help where required


 to put your current approach to remote learning under the microscope to identify the top ways to make changes to bring improvements for all


Core issues

Remote learning: core issues Core elements of successful remote learning that you need to plan for

Preparing for remote learning Planning tool to evaluate where and how to improve your current remote learning programme


Planning curriculum: prioritise, trim remove Mapping out your remote learning curriculum

Planning your remote learning curriculum Tool to help you rationalise, reshape and adapt your current curriculum for remote learning

How to structure remote learning Planning the learning session to work well remotely

Sample T&L planning tool Ensuring all teachers plan learning sessions that are engaging and accessible for all learners

Balancing act: creating right mix of T&L formats Knowing which format of T&L to use when in the remote learning environment

Mixing it up: T&L formats for success Tool to ensure teaching staff are skilled at providing a range of remote learning activity styles and resources

Tools for remote learning Identifying the best tech tools and apps to help with all aspects of remote T&L

Capitalising on new technology Planning tool to identify what tech tools you need and what training staff require to use them well

Assessing best forms of remote assessment Creating new approaches to assessment suitable for remote learning

Planning appropriate remote assessment Planning tool to secure good assessment practice for remote learning across your school

Use of learning organisers Capitalising on the use of learning organisers during remote learning


Securing engagement

Looking out for your teaching staff How to take best care of your teaching staff to help them cope well with remote learning

Boosting staff wellbeing Tool to identify how to cut workload and provide right support for your teaching staff

Engaging pupils with remote learning How to provide a personalised approach to remote learning so all can participate with success

Action to secure positive pupil engagement Tool to put measures in place to identify and then support pupils who are struggling with remote learning

Keeping parents on board Securing the support and engagement of parents/guardians with your remote learning programme

Improving your approach to parental engagement Tool to help you secure best input from parents/guardians with their child’s home learning

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