Staff development

    • Are you giving your staff the best professional development so that they are inspired, motivated and equipped to achieve quality T&L for your students?
    • Do you know exactly where the strengths and weaknesses of each individual member of your team lie?
    • Are you making best use of all formats of staff development, including performance management, giving feedback, and using coaching?

Use this guide to help you put in place the best professional development programme for your school – and watch as your school becomes a more exciting learning environment for all, staff as well as students.

Staff development guide for schools

Covering three facets of leadership: assessing staffCPD, staff skills and need  use the articles and tools provided in each of these three sections of this issue of Lead&Learn to ensure all staff have the right skills to deliver your curriculum well in practice.


… offering you practical advice, guidance, and expert insight to show you new and effective ways to improve how you use professional development to improve whole-school T&L and achieve a more effective and happier staff team


… to evaluate your existing approach to professional development so that you can then plan action for improvement



Assessing staff

Performance management for improvement Achieving a positive and transformative PM process

Securing quality feedback between colleagues Providing constructive professional feedback

Making lesson observations work for your needs Creating the right policy for how to use this powerful evaluation tool in your school

Evaluating staff performance: formats to use Make the right choices of which format for evaluating performance to use when

Improving whole-school lesson observation practice Assess how well your staff are operating lesson observations to assess T&L practice

Recording lesson observations Recording tool for staff to make lesson observations

Improving quality of feedback to staff Tool to improve feedback given by your performance managers

Cycle for feedback meeting Tool for staff to understand key aspects of quality feedback



Working together on CPD Key formats for curriculum leaders to consider

Coaching for improvement How to achieve a coaching programme that works for your school

What constitutes effective CPD? Assess how well a particular CPD event is fit for your intended purpose

Capitalising on inhouse forms of CPD Make best use of different forms of CPD

Making connections: linking with others to collaborate for CPD Assessing how well staff connect with peers

Assessing your use of coaching Tool to plan successful use of coaching


Staff skills and needs

Skilled and ready: ensuring staff competence to manage T&L change Securing staff skills to implement change

Understanding your HoDs’ skill sets Capitalising on subject leaders’ strengths

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