T&L in practice

  • Are you sure that quality learning skills are being developed well in all classrooms?
  • Are you paying enough attention to cross-curricular practical aspects of T&L that apply to all subject departments? 
  • Are students being given chance to build and apply core learning skills throughout your whole-school curriculum?


Use this issue of Lead&Learn to help you ensure that all staff prepare and put into practice these key areas of cross-curricular T&L for the benefit of all students


Covering three facets of cross-curricular T&L: learning methods, questioning for learning, and thinking skills – use the articles and tools provided in each of these three sections in this issue of Lead&Learn to explore these core aspects of cross-curricular T&L to help secure quality learning experiences for all pupils.



… offering you practical advice, guidance, and expert insight to show you new and effective ways to improve the use of these cross-curricular T&L strategies in all classrooms


… to evaluate existing practice in use of these cross-curricular T&L strategies to then plan and implement whole-school improvements


Learning methods

Learning-to-learn skills under spotlight How to develop L2L skills well in all classrooms

Why bother with learning-to-learn? Why you need to plan for L2L skills in all departments

Having right mindset for learning Building a growth mindset to help ensure all learners have the best attitude to learning

Making learning fun! Going with the flow How to ensure pupils achieve a state of flow to allow deep learning to occur

Developing L2L skills: evaluating your curriculum Tool to assess and improve how L2L skills are developed within
your whole-school curriculum and T&L

Questioning for learning

Quality questioning for learning Key types of questions to use in the classroom to achieve deep and meaningful learning

Questioning use of questioning for learning Tool to assess how well your teaching staff are using questioning for learning in their classroom

Thinking skills

Skilled to think: planning to cogitate How to help all students become be first-class thinkers

Stimulating deep thinking: strategies for learning T&L strategies you can use to ensure thinking skills are developed well across your curriculum

Planning for use of thinking skills in learning Evaluate how effectively your school is developing the thinking skills students need

Assessing pupils’ reflection-on-learning skills Tool to help ensure all teachers adept at facilitating reflection on learning in all learning activities

Buy this guide today to tap into a rich seam of new strategies, improvement tools, and innovative approaches to improve the learning methods, questioning for learning strategies, and approach to thinking skills across your school and watch the improvements that will follow within all levels of teaching and learning

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